Arthur Röing Baer
Twitter, Portfolio on request

Master student at Design Department, Sandberg Institute. MA project focuses on how to implement user-owned infrastructure today. A proposal for a collaboratively owned public short-distance transport is due to be published 2016.

BA project from Beckmans College of Design, ‘towards reflective design’. Speculating towards a future where user data is leveraged to create personalized design, a mirror of what the user already likes – as an applied camouflage onto new products and services. →

Initiator and co-curator of the Quicksand series at Sandberg Institute. The monthly lecture series explores the possibility of politicality in design and art, each time inviting a new practitioner to share their individual strategies.


Exhibition exploring the virtual and physical re-constructions of the RQ170 UAV drone, also known as 'beast of kandahar' at New Art Club, 2014. →

Designer for virtual reality company mimerse based in Stockholm. Our first product is a VR application for phobia exposure therapy.