Arthur Röing Baer
Design & Research
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Postgrad 2017–
The New Normal,
Strelka Institute
, Moscow

MA 2014–2016
Sandberg Instituut
, Amsterdam

BA 2010–2013
Visual Communication,
Beckmans College of Design
, Stockholm

Commune envisions a distributed ownership model for urban logistical infrastructures. In Commune ownership is distributed to active users via their shared movement. Through distribution of governance and capital it gives agency and mitigates individual risk. Through this it offers a partial solution to the exploitation of drivers, the replacement of public transport and automation as exclusion from intervention. Commune is part of an ongoing research on logistical infrastructures as sites of political struggle. →

BA project from Beckmans College of Design, ‘towards reflective design’. Speculating towards a future where user data is leveraged to create personalized design – applied as camouflage onto new products and services. →


Quicksand lecture series at Sandberg Institute explores actual political possibilities within design and art. →

Continuous creative direction at Mimerse. We build augmented and virtual reality-experiences to measure, manage and treat your mind. →