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From a frustration with ‘critical design’ as a political tool, I founded and 2014-2016, with Floris van Driel co-produced the Quicksand Lecture series at the Sandberg Institute. As designers stuck in total subsumption being too peripheral to influence and too centered to care – the series explores our possibilities for political design and art.

Besides the lecture series, Quicksand organized student dinners twice a month with discussions and/or movie screenings. Quicksand also organized three moderated panel talks between students and invited guests during the final exhibition, 2016. Then dealing with themes found in the graduating students exhibited work.

Previous speakers and moderators include: Katja Novitskova, Femke Herregraven, Saska van Stein, Kevin Bray, Renzo Martens, Jack Self, Vinay Gupta, Niels van Doorn, Kate Cooper, Jesse Darling, Emily Segal

Quicksand is an still ongoing project at the Sandberg Institute, now led by Floris van Driel and integrated into the curriculum of the design department.

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